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Choosing A Management Agent

Choosing A Management Agent


When deciding on a property management agent for your property in Coventry, you must be informed of the benefits of choosing the right one.


Residential Managing Agents

You’re looking for a transparent, open and honest residential property management agent with no surprises, no hidden costs! The most successful managing agents. Those who can provide proof, professional agents should have reviews and a transparent fee structure.

Their job as a management company is to manage your home skilfully whilst protecting your asset value and private interests. So you need your property managing agent to carry out their management responsibilities, be completely transparent and always have your best interests at heart.

Anything less will not do.


Choosing The Right Managing Agent


When choosing a managing agent, there are many things to consider. First, you want to feel that your agent is professional and has an organised approach. Then, you can have informal meetings, ask questions, and see how your potential resident management company handles them.

When you are looking for a new agent to manage your rental property, I recommend contacting the estate agents.

Ask some questions around,

block management

Complaints procedure

unpaid service charges/due charges

standard contract

notice period

relevant code/professional body

additional services

The best advice is to feel at ease with the right agent you decide to hire.

They will have more experience than most landlords and can advise better about keeping up with maintenance on an outside space or service charge monies.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you’re looking for a letting agent, ensure they are accredited by one of the many professional bodies available. Accreditation shows your satisfaction with their services and can help guarantee quality workmanship when choosing an agency or property manager for your investments.

An excellent way to ensure this is done right at first glance is by checking whether any proposed accrediting body has been recognised as highly reputable – something quickly verified via online resources such as Google.


Who Will Be Compiling An Inventory At My Property?


Creating an accurate and professional inventory is imperative for any tenancy dispute. Without one, the end-However, any lease negotiations can be tough to win with many prospective clients caught between their landlord/management company and tenant(s).

To ensure quality control throughout this process, it’s best to outsource or find someone with experience creating these reports. They will know what needs doing from the start until the finish – even down to every little detail! 


Will I Have An Appointed Representative?


Making sure you have a single point of contact if needed will make a huge difference and help cut response times when information is required, such as tenant advice, chartered surveyors or when getting help with your financial position.


Tips For Getting The Right Management Agent


Choosing The Right Property Management Agent

If you are switching from self-management or seeking to replace a poor-performing managing agent, it’s always to ensure you do your homework.

Choosing the right managing agent for your property is not easy – it has consequences for the day-to-day living experience of all residents in the development, not to mention the reason you hire a managing agent in the first place.

However, it’s essential to know that you are in safe hands and have someone to take the stress away.




When you’re looking for an agent to help manage your business, it’s essential that the person has been established in their community for some time and knows what they are doing.

You should also check consumer complaints sites about these companies before committing yourself, as there might be more reasons why this individual or agency could disappoint you than just poor service!

Many complaints about a particular matter can tell you what the managing agent is like. So it’s usually worth Googling them and seeing if any reviews show up or checking with friends/family before making your final decision.

A good way for me personally has been using Google Reviews, which seems accurate since I’ve used many companies recommended by people who had similar experiences (or others).




It’s vital to ensure you’re getting the best possible rates from your service provider. It’s also a good idea to compare different companies and plan features to get precisely what you want at the right price. Unfortunately, most agents are not the same.

Before hiring one, it’s essential to know what they offer and how they can help you.

The difference between these two companies might seem small, but it’s not. For example, one company will fix things when they break and others won’t, and you have to take care of your problems instead!


Managing agents are different.


You might be surprised by how much other people charge for the same service! So it’s good to find out what your property management company offers because it could save you money in the long run.


Will They Accommodate You?


It’s important to let your concerns be heard through the managing agent. They can relay them directly to the owners and know the most pressing issues for tenants.

This is an excellent opportunity to ensure your needs will be met. For example, if you don’t want smokers on the property, add an amendment or stipulation when leasing it so they can’t smoke anywhere on site!


Your Legal Interests


You can never be too careful when renting out your property. Find out if your managing agent has lawyers on call if you need them and whether they will issue breach notices or other eviction-oriented documents for tenants who cause problems with their lease agreement (or any other issues that arise).


New Managing Agent


We have a team of professionals and a dedicated property management department at Matthew James Property Services. With well over 200 managed properties on hand and years’ worth of experience with Letting contracts – you can rest assured that your property will be taken care of by experts!