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EPC Coventry


EPC Coventry – Everything you need to Know!

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are mandatory energy consumption surveys in all residential or commercial buildings. The results are then ranked from A to G, i.e. from the most efficient to the least optimal.

This document is the fruit of a European Union initiative to stimulate each member state’s energy savings. After Brexit, the quest for a greener economy is still on.

If you own a piece of real estate in Coventry and wish to rent or sell it, you need to have an updated EPC before proceeding further. Here’s all you need to know about EPC in Coventry for the year to come.


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Coventry Property Management

Coventry Property Management

Property management is an essential part of the estate agency industry. It involves the overseeing and managing of property, both residential and commercial.

Property managers are responsible for various tasks, from finding and screening tenants to handling repairs and maintenance.

They must be knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate, from leasing and marketing to financial analysis and property law.

In this article, we will talk about Coventry property management.


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Sell My House Fast For Market Value UK

Sell My House Fast for Market Value In The UK

Selling a house can be a lengthy and drawn-out process. The time it takes to sell a home varies, depending on the state of the housing market and the specific property. For homeowners in the UK looking to move quickly, there are a few things that you can do to speed up the faster sale process.

The property market in the UK is constantly fluctuating, so it’s not a good idea to make assumptions about the value of a property you want to sell. Instead, it would help if you worked with an estate agent who would be able to help you find the best offer for your property.

Try to think of why your potential buyer will be coming to your property. You want to think of a reason that is as creative as possible. Make sure that you think of something that will get their attention.

Indeed, the property’s value will be influenced by the property’s condition, location, proximity to public transportation, shopping, recreational facilities, and a variety of other factors.

This article will give you a few tips and informed choices on how to sell your house quickly and get the best price possible in the United Kingdom.


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What Is An Estate Agent

what is an estate agent

As a property owner, you may have been considering hiring an estate agent to sell your home. However, does an estate agent? Estate agents are professional individuals who represent the seller of a property and organise all aspects of their sale, from marketing campaigns to negotiations with buyers. To find out more about how they work and whether they’re suitable for you as a homeowner, we have compiled all the information your need to know!  […]

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How To Become An Estate Agent In Coventry In 2022

How To Become An Estate Agent In Coventry In 2022 – You wanna be an estate agent but you have no clue how to become one?

Questions like how to become an estate agent, what I need to study or what are the requirements? Can I be an estate agent without a degree or what type of job I will get? Worry you a lot

Then push all the confusion at the back of your head and get ready to become a part of an estate agency.

After reading this post you will get a clear direction and will confidently carry out your decisions.

This post covers everything from qualifications to skills and experience you need to grow as an estate agent.


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What Are Accompanied Viewings?

What Are Accompanied Viewings?

Accompanied Viewings is the stage in property sale where the potential buyers are taken around your property by an estate agent to have a look and determine interest.

Getting your property sold is a huge task with so many different stages and some stages are more crucial to the sale of your property than others. 

One of the most important stages is the ‘Viewing Stage’. This is because appearances matter a lot and like the saying goes ‘First impressions last the longest.’

In this post, we’ll be telling you all about accompanied viewings, who does them and why they are that important to your sale.


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Mortgage Advisor Coventry

Mortgage Advisor Coventry

If you are looking for an experienced Mortgage Advisor in Coventry, look no further than Matthew James Property Services.

Matthew James has the best professional mortgage brokers in the business, and they’re ready to help you find a loan that is right for your needs. We work hard and are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority.

This blog post will cover everything you need to know about Mortgage Broker / Advisors in Coventry. […]

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