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What Are Accompanied Viewings?

What Are Accompanied Viewings?


So what are Accompanied Viewings we hear you ask. They usally take place during the stage in a property sale where the potential buyers are taken around your property by an estate agent to have a look and determine interest.


Getting your property sold is a huge task with so many different stages and some stages are more crucial to the sale of your property than others. 

One of the most important stages is the ‘Viewing Stage’. This is because appearances matter a lot and like the saying goes ‘First impressions last the longest.’

In this post, we’ll be telling you all about accompanied viewings, who does them and why they are that important to your sale.


What is the Role of An Estate Agent In Accompanied Viewing?


Estate Agents are professionals who have harnessed the skill of marketing properties to their target customers and making sales.

Here’s what an estate agent does at the Accompanied Viewing stage of the sale:

  • Keep Your Potential Buyers Radiating With Happiness


Estate agents help maintain the right tone during viewing. A vast majority of buyers become happy when they find out that there’s an agent available on the ground for the viewing. It makes them feel wanted and they appreciate the attention.

  • Calling Your Attention To The Little Details


Having an estate agent around is quite helpful because they are experienced and can call your attention to little issues with the property that you need to address before viewing starts. They help you ensure that your home is in good shape before having potential buyers around.

  • Connecting And Liaising With Potential Buyers During Viewings To Sell The Property


The majority of homeowners do not fancy dealing with potential buyers and customers. Aside from that, they may also not possess the right people skills to connect to customers.

This is where Estate Agents come in because they have honed the necessary skills to liaise and connect with potential buyers.

  • Security


Having an estate agent around during viewing makes both the buyer and homeowners feel secure. This is because there is a third party to step in and mediate in case something goes wrong.

  • Handle The Viewing When You Are Busy With Other Tasks


In a case where you are too busy with other things to attend the viewings, estate agents help you oversee and manage the whole viewing process while leaving you to attend to other tasks.

How Do Accompanied Viewings Help Sell Your Home?


  • Experience


Having an Estate Agent who has a lot of experience in the field of viewing and showing homes speeds up the property sale process.

They are expert salespeople and know what the clients love to see or hear about a property. They can answer and provide solutions to all questions potential buyers may have. This shows confidence and certainty to the client and speeds up the sales process.

  • Potential buyers are more honest when they are met by Estate Agents


Getting an honest view of a potential buyer is very important in selling a house or property. 

An honest view from one buyer might just be what you need to make necessary changes that would attract another potential buyer if that one falls through. 

The majority of buyers generally do not tender critical views and comments to the owners of the home out of courtesy or to avoid awkwardness. 

Having an agent removes that awkwardness and makes them express their opinions more freely.


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