Property Sales Valuation

Property Valuation Coventry


Property Valuation Coventry


If you consider selling your property, the first step is to book a completely free property valuation to determine how much your property is worth. Get your free property valuation, Coventry, with Matthew James Property Services your local Estate Agent in Coventry.


We offer free no-obligation valuation on an array of services. As full-service  estate agents  we provide free advice on all our services. Our advice is always completely free!


We have you covered whether you are looking for mortgage advice or want to arrange a property valuation.


Working from our Coventry office in the west midlands, we aim to get you the maximum price for your home. We have been operating since 2011 and have a team of experienced valuers waiting for your valuation request.


So whether you need a property valuation for Probate, a remortgage or a divorce, we are here for you. A no-obligation valuation is entirely free, along with our professional advice.


Matthew James Estate agents will meet you at your property address and value properties based on local knowledge, online research, and comparing previous sales that have been completed in your area.


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    What to expect on a house valuation


    Some estate agents will do a desktop property valuation. At Matthew James, we never do this. Once we receive a valuation request with your contact details, we will come to see you first-hand.


    We always arrange a suitable time at your property address. This is because we want to experience your property first hand, and after all, we want to achieve the best price possible for you and all our clients.


    A property valuation is entirely free of charge, and there is no obligation to use us, and we do not use high-pressure sales tactics; we are not that kind of outfit.


    Matthew James Property Services will visit your property at an agreed time convenient to you.


    We use local market knowledge, such as compatible sold house prices, the number of bedrooms, whether you have added value to your property, such as extensions or a new kitchen, to determine a realistic price for your property.


    Our representative will also suggest any improvements or additions that may help us sell your property for you to achieve the maximum sale price. 


    A market appraisal can usually be arranged at short notice, and we are flexible on appointment times. This includes appointments out of standard working hours until 8 pm in the week and weekend valuations.


    Property Valuation In Coventry


    The Different Type’s of Property Valuation!


    Property Val


    A property Val tells you how much your home is worth. The process itself is straightforward. Estate agents can do house valuations.


    Online valuation


    These are usually calculated by a computer (not a person) based on your location, property type and current market prices. They should only ever be used as a rough guide as they are not always reflective of the best possible price you could achieve for your home.


    Probate valuations


    After a death, you may need to get a probate valuation for a property in Coventry. This will need so that inheritance tax can be calculated. You can find more information on the  Government  website (through HMRC).


    Matrimonial valuations


    Matrimonial valuations are needed during divorce or separation. Courts will use them to determine how the couple’s assets will be divided.

    A qualified surveyor or valuer will carry these out.


    Mortgage valuation


    A mortgage valuation, or fundamental valuation, usually involves a quick survey lasting around 30 minutes. After that, it will cover any apparent problems.

    A lender will estimate the value of the home you want to buy when you apply for a mortgage.


    Retrospective valuations


    This may be required as part of a legal proceeding and will establish the value of your home on a specific date in the past.


    Tax valuations


    You may be subject to capital gains tax when purchasing or selling a property. A tax valuation will help you determine how much you need to pay.


    Expert witness valuation


    An expert witness will provide you with a professional, credible survey that can be used in court in the event of a property dispute. These surveys will include a valuation and defects with the property. 


    Insurance valuation


    A surveyor may also carry out an insurance valuation during the assessment of your house. This is done to determine whether rebuilding your home would cost more than the average market construction price.


    Building reinstatement valuations


    A building reinstatement insurance valuation includes the cost of rebuilding your property if it is damaged beyond repair, as well as any insurance risks.


    How much does a house valuation cost the UK?


    According to the Money Advice Service, mortgage valuations generally cost between £150 and £1,500, though some lenders may offer them free to attract new customers. Assessment fees are usually based on the value of the property.


    How much does it cost to have a property valued?


    The short answer is nothing! Estate agents usually offer free valuations because they know it’s a great time to view and pitch their services to you. It’s called customer contact time, and it’s a crucial part of their business.


    Can I get a valuation on my property?


    Yes, most local agents will offer free no-obligation valuations. I know we do! Contact us today for a realistic market appraisal.

    To arrange a FREE (No obligation) SALES VALUATION, please get in touch with us through our website or call us on 02477 170170 and press option 1 for property sales. Read Our related Press Release on  Property Valuation Coventry