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EPC Coventry – Everything you need to Know!


Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are mandatory energy consumption surveys in all residential or commercial buildings. The results are then ranked from A to G, i.e. from the most efficient to the least optimal. 

This document is the fruit of a European Union initiative to stimulate each member state’s energy savings. After Brexit, the quest for a greener economy is still on.

If you own a piece of real estate in Coventry and wish to rent or sell it, you need to have an updated EPC before proceeding further. Here’s all you need to know about EPC in Coventry for the year to come.


Why do you need an EPC in Coventry?

Although the UK is not part of the European Union anymore, its ultimate focus remains on slowing down the CO2 emissions of every person in the country and switching to renewable energy. This policy aims to address the threat of global warming and secure energy supplies for years to come.

The EPC fits perfectly into this policy as it forces UK residents to optimize their property’s energy use. It effectively sets a high standard across the country and meets the Prime Minister’s target of reducing toxic emissions to zero by 2050.

EPC Coventry
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What does an EPC certificate Coventry contain?


An EPC Certificate Coventry is a four-page document that indicates the budget required to heat and power a given property in its entirety. This figure does not reflect the current tenant using these systems and, therefore, how much is being spent. This is covered in the rollout of the Commercial Green Deal. 

But the EPC is more than just a list of costs. The certificate also includes specific recommendations, so the property owner knows how to improve these figures. This helps him save money in the near future and improve the energy efficiency of the building and thus increase its value on the market. 

For commercial buildings, the document details, among other things, the energy potential of:

  • The building’s fabric
  • Installed heating
  • Ventilation
  • Cooling systems
  • Lighting systems

When is it necessary to get an EPC?


EPCs are a binding document in Coventry since 2008 for all residential or commercial landlords who:

  • Wish to sell or rent their property
  • Have just built their property 
  • Have recently carried out full or partial renovations, including the installation of more energy-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems 

It is necessary to renew the EPC at least every ten years when it becomes invalid. However, in some cases described above, the real estate owner will acquire a new EPC representing the most up-to-date energy conditions.

To check the existence and validity of your EPC, type its address in the government register. If all checks out, you can download it free of charge.



Can you market a commercial property without an EPC?


You must have an EPC well before the first visit from potential buyers or tenants. You cannot issue written information about the building without an EPC backup. Even if the building is not yet in operation, it is enough for a building to be intended for future commercial use to require an EPC. So the answer is no, you can’t market a commercial property without this document, no matter your stage. 

If you fail to provide an EPC, you risk a fine equivalent to 12.5% of the rateable value of the building, with a minimum of £500 and a maximum of £5,000. In addition, this penalty can bite you if you fail to submit your EPC. 

The only circumstances where the absence of a commercial EPC is not punishable is for non-public buildings that are not and will not be subject to an exchange of ownership or occupation.

EPC Coventry


Establishing a Commercial EPC Coventry 


Acquiring a commercial EPC Coventry is more complex than for residential buildings. The reason is simple. Their large size often divides it into several parts that can be used separately and sold/rented to different people. In this case, each area must have its EPC and the EPC for the common areas in the whole building. 

Another consequence of its large size is higher and constant energy consumption. Saving money on the energy supply can make a difference. If you want to optimize your property and benefit from maximum savings, an estate agent can help you predict the renovation work to undertake. Introducing as much renewable energy as possible will increase the total value of the property and make it more attractive to potential buyers/renters. If no changes are made, your EPC remains valid for ten years.


EPC providers Coventry 


Your property must be assessed by an accredited home energy expert, who is the only person who can issue the document. You can book an inspection online with some EPC providers in Coventry. 

The simplest solution is to deal with a licensed estate agent who will issue an up-to-date and attractive EPC to facilitate the sale/rental of your property. They will make the appointment for you and ensure that it runs smoothly. The process usually takes 48 hours for residential buildings and 72 hours for commercial premises. But with the estate agent, you can get it done faster.


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If the EPC indicates sub-standard energy efficiency statistics, we will help you through the process of compliance with the new regulations applicable in 2022.

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