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How To Become An Estate Agent In Coventry In 2022

How To Become An Estate Agent In Coventry In 2022


How To Become An Estate Agent In Coventry In 2022 – You want to be an estate agent, but you have no clue how to become one?

Questions like how to become an estate agent, what I need to study, or the requirements? Can I be an estate agent without a degree, or what type of job will I get? I worry you a lot.

Then push all the confusion to the back of your head and get ready to become a part of an estate agency.

After reading this post, you will get a clear direction and confidently make your decisions.

This post covers everything from qualifications to skills and experience you need to grow as an estate agent.

But before we dive in, I want to address a common misconception about estate agents’ lifestyles.

People think that showing others their dream houses, working in the office and outdoor roaming to look for property is what this job is about.

When in fact, this is only 20% of the actual job. The other 80% is tackling rejections while keeping a smile on your face, negotiating, and marketing.

Since we get that out of our way.

Let’s start, shall we?

How to become an estate agent in 2022 min



Let me get this across very clear. You do not need a degree or a certificate to be a legal estate agent in the UK. This is different in the US and other countries, where a candidate is required to sit in the exam, get his license and find a broker to affiliate with.

But here in Coventry, what you need and is essential to get a job as an estate agent is experience.

At this point, you must be thinking. “I don’t have experience because I don’t have a job, and I don’t have a job because I don’t have experience”, right?

I know this is unfair, but this is how it is, and you will have to figure your way around it if you are passionate about becoming a real estate agent.

This is the number one reason people opt for university degrees!

Why are people still getting a diploma if a job doesn’t require a degree?

This shows it is a highly-skilled job that requires a lot of experience and expertise.

Universities or certificate programmes are designed to help you achieve your goal faster without going through the phase of trial and error.


University Degrees


Few university degrees should be on your list if you’re going for this route.

Universities offer different programmes, for example, a bachelor’s degree in real estate management followed by a Master’s degree in real estate management.

You can also explore other areas to stand out from your peers, like Diploma in urban planning and the undergraduate programmes for facility management and property management.

A solid base in estate management, property law, and human resources open the door to many opportunities. Even marketing is a crucial component of being a real estate agent.

The bottom line is that the information required to be a successful real estate agent is endless. You can not possibly cover everything, and you have to niche it down to a specific type of job that you want to offer and become good at it.

Depending on your goals, you can consider getting a master’s degree in business studies, business management, finance, law, and accounting.

But that is not the only way.


Private courses


A private coach who can teach you all the industry secrets with the least amount of time spent on learning and more on actually performing the tasks with a certificate at the end of completing a programme can be a great way to jump off the few steps involved in the process of becoming an estate agent.

If you like this option, here are a few courses I am sure you will love.

317 Online Estate agent courses.

Reed offers this course. They provide ultimate estate agent training covering almost all the topics. The good thing is that these courses are often on sale so you can get the maximum advantage.

Diploma In Estate Agent Private


One education diploma programme covers the following topics.


  • Types of estate agents
  • Pros and cons
  • Negotiation
  • Lead generation and sales strategies
  • Real estate law and property evaluation
  • Communication skills 

Property mark and Pathways to the property are other great courses to consider.

But what if you don’t want to do either of these and prefer hands-on experience?

Trainee estate agent

Experience and skills


As a real estate agent, your job is to understand your client, show them their dream house, convince them you can solve the problem, and refer them as clients to the property seller.

This single sentence sums up the skill you need to be a real estate agent that has the potential to become a millionaire.

After all, this is another common stereotype people have about estate agents. Unfortunately, without realising the years of hard work spent on nailing emotional understanding, you will be putting yourself into your client’s shoes to fully understand their necessities, demands, and expectations from you.


Listening and speaking


It isn’t as simple as it may sound because this is the first and most crucial step in determining the sales you will make.

You will be doing a lot of small talks, trying to get on their good side, being perceived as a lively individual, building connections, getting referrals, and simply expanding your social circle.

If your client is shy, you will be playing a role of an ice-breaker to get the conversation going. You will be touching on sensitive topics that your client may not want to discuss. While socialising with a client can get irritated, you must learn how to handle it.

This job is full of adventures, discovering and exploring new things that can’t be summarised in a few sentences.

So it’s time to move on to another skill in demand.




Alongside this, you will be marketing yourself as an estate agent to every potential customer you may meet on the street, at birthdays, weddings, and even in the superstores because this is your job.

As a marketer, you will apply all the traditional and digital marketing principles to promote, sell and generate leads. 

We all know that everything is evolving around the online world, and now you need to build a solid online presence if you are serious about being a realtor.

You will be the marketer, copywriter, and content creator on your website and in the real world.

You will also be spending a good chunk of your time managing your socials to communicate with other realtors, friends, and family to participate in the community actively. For example, sending “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulatory” messages with a little push at the end to remind them you have a perfect house for them.

All this work for a single estate agent is a lot to handle, but as I said, being an estate agent is less about showing properties and more about selling.

This is why an experienced person can easily outshine someone with a lot of knowledge but minimal experience in this profession.




So you expanded your social circle, marketed yourself, and finally landed a client. Now it’s time to negotiate our all-time favourite selling houses to and for your clients.

You will have to put your detective hats on for this part of your job and start digging up and collecting as much information as possible. You will need good researching skills, and you are probably going to stalk people on their socials for additional pieces of information.

After gathering all the information, it’s time for pitching. You will create an offer that is too good to be turned down by others.

That convincing should be based on the data that you collected earlier.

Tip: you should prepare yourself for the second round of negotiation because this is very common, and people will be rejecting a lot of the offers, asking for repairs, and trying to get you to lower your pricing.

It all depends on the situation and comes with being a realtor.


How to gain that experience


Do an internship under the supervision of your coach or university.


The coach whose course you took or the university from which you graduated. Why not do an internship under their supervision? That way, you will gain skills from industry professionals and experts. And take your CV to the next level. Moreover, you will get to continue your education while working for them.

You will get the chance to work under the already developed team. This allows you to gain leadership quality and polish your conversational skills.

As an intern, you will take care of more straightforward tasks like reviewing a file and writing a summary, getting clients on the call, or being a part of their marketing campaign. They might or might not ask you to handle clients for negotiation or take you with them on the house tour to teach you house surveys.

The idea is to get used to the agent’s life, find your groove, and possibly a type of real estate you are interested in.

But one thing to remember is that you will be doing all this at the compromise of your salary.


Find an apprenticeship


An apprenticeship can be a growth booster if you get selected for the apprenticeship programme by a senior estate agency.

Since there is far more competition, you will have to do your best in the interview.

So get that suit nice and pressed, and spend a reasonable amount of time practising in front of the mirror because this is an excellent opportunity to transition from working as an apprentice to an employee.

Here you may work as a sales negotiator, marketing manager, and even contact listing agents to get information for your clients under the tag of a trainee. So you can get a real-time experience of the actual work you will be performing. Also, opportunities to explore the areas of the field you are good at and add those to your portfolio.

For apprenticeship, the best way is to search for a real estate agency in your area and select your favourite one. When doing so, consider their expertise. Do they have a similar goal as yours? Can they provide you with the skills you are looking for?

Once you decide, look at their website, look for the guidance they may have on the internet for applying for an apprenticeship, prepare yourself, and go all in.

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Practice hard


Now it’s time for you to practice. Before you even get a job or internship, tell people you plan to plant your roots in this field. Then, if you are lucky, you may meet an estate agent looking for a fresher or aspirant like you.

I am sure that now you are confident in continuing your path to become an estate agent.

If you need any help becoming an estate agent in 2022 and beyond, we are always happy to help!