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Choosing the right Estate Agent in Coventry

Choosing the right Estate Agent in Coventry


In the current economic climate, it can be challenging to sell or let your home, so you must work with an Estate agent with the knowledge and experience required to give your property the best possible chance of being seen.

Estate Agents


When you decide that you want to sell or let your property, the first choice you need to make is whether or not you wish to work with an Estate Agent. A growing number of people decide to try and deal with everything themselves; however, they often find that attracting a sufficient number of viewers is not possible alone. Working with a specialist in residential property sales and lettings can instantly increase your chances of achieving the desired result within the time frame and price range you crave.

Choose Carefully


The Estate Agents you decide to work with should be a 21st Century company – what does this mean? It should be a company that offers all the traditional services such as information in their window, local media advertising and site boards – but it should also provide things like:

• An easy-to-use website that’s also pleasing to the eye should also have plenty of information.

• A website that offers free valuations and even a mailing list will increase the chances of your property being found and seen.

• Outstanding customer service – a company is nothing without excellent customer service.

An agent that’s proactive in its approach is required, as you put your house up for sale or left because you wanted to get rid of it, not because you wanted to have people walking around it for years.



When searching for a company to work with, make sure you meet them in person and find out if they are professional Estate Agents with a successful track record. For example, a company like Matthew James Property Services in Coventry will be able to prove its results and offer you a professional service with employees who have plenty of local and property knowledge. If you would like to arrange a free, no obligation valuation, please call 024 77170170 or email