Welcome to Matthew Jame Estate Agents, Kenilworth’s leading choice for property transactions. With a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of the local market, our dedicated estate agency team is committed to providing outstanding service and remarkable results for all our esteemed clients.

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Exceptional Industry Knowledge

Our proficient Kenilworth estate agents deeply understand the local property market, enabling them to offer clients accurate property evaluations, invaluable advice, and expert guidance. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for everyone involved.

Bespoke Client Service

Recognising the individual needs and preferences of each client, we invest time in getting to know your property requirements. Then, by forging strong relationships, we can deliver customised services that align with your objectives, whether you’re purchasing, selling or renting a property in Kenilworth.

Multifaceted Marketing Approach

Matthew Jame Estate Agents implements a comprehensive marketing strategy using traditional and digital channels. Our skilled marketing team guarantees maximum exposure to your property, targeting a broad audience and securing the most favourable price.

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If you’re contemplating buying, selling, or renting a property in Kenilworth, our approachable team of specialists is here to help. With a dedication to exceptional customer care and vast local expertise, you can rely on Matthew Jame Estate Agents to support you throughout your property journey quickly and assuredly. So reach out to us now and experience the difference for yourself.

Helen Hill

The no-nonsense service I receive when letting my properties through Matthew James Property Services is very refreshing. Having one point of contact makes the lettings process uncomplicated. Great experience, I would highly recommend them.

Claire Jones

I’ve been renting a property through Matthew James for the past few years and I can honestly say they are the best estate agents I’ve ever used. Any problem you have is rectified straight away and they are always helpful whenever you ring. I normally deal with Steve he is fantastic. I would definitely recommend anyone to use this estate agent.

Desmond Bernie

Aver big thank you to Emma who has taken us through our house buying process. One thing i like about Emma is she is always ready to listen to yo even when she is on holiday. She always kept us informed and respect everyone no matter where you come from. Thank you Emma.

The Kenilworth Community and Property Market

The Allure of Kenilworth

Kenilworth is a picturesque town in Warwickshire, England, renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and idyllic countryside. The town offers various properties, from charming period homes to contemporary apartments, making it an ideal location for families, professionals, and retirees.

Local Attractions and Amenities

Kenilworth boasts a variety of local attractions, including the historic Kenilworth Castle, the beautiful Abbey Fields, and a wealth of boutique shops, fine dining establishments, and traditional pubs. With excellent schools, healthcare facilities, and convenient transport links to nearby cities, Kenilworth truly offers its residents an exceptional quality of life.

Thriving Property Market

The Kenilworth property market has experienced significant growth in recent years, with demand for properties rising. Our team of experienced estate agents in Kenilworth thoroughly understands the local market trends. As a result, it can help you navigate the ever-changing property landscape with ease and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The percentage charged by most estate agents typically ranges from 1% to 3% of the property’s sale price, plus VAT. However, this rate can vary depending on the agent, property type, location, and level of service provided.

Estate agent fees generally depend on the services provided and can either be a fixed fee or a percentage of the property’s sale price. The fees typically cover services such as property valuation, marketing, viewings, negotiations, and handling the sales process. Therefore, clarifying the fee structure and including services with your estate agent before signing any agreement is essential.

The best person to sell your house is an experienced and reputable estate agent with extensive local property market knowledge. Look for an agent with a proven track record of successful sales in your area, which offers excellent customer service, and provides a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure maximum exposure for your property.

Using an estate agent is generally worth the investment, as they provide valuable expertise and guidance throughout the selling process. An estate agent can accurately value your property, negotiate the best price, handle viewings, and manage the sales process, making the experience less stressful and more efficient.

It’s possible to negotiate estate agent fees in some cases. However, the success of negotiations will depend on factors such as the current property market, the agent’s willingness to be flexible, and the level of service you require. It’s always worth discussing fees and the possibility of a reduced rate before signing an agreement.

Yes, estate agents typically provide property valuations as part of their service. They use their knowledge of the local property market, recent sales data, and the specific features of your property to determine an accurate valuation.

No, you do not pay stamp duty when selling a house. Stamp duty is only payable by the buyer when purchasing a property. The stamp duty paid depends on the property value and the buyer’s circumstances, such as whether they are first-time buyers or purchasing an additional property.

Our team of expert estate agents utilises their extensive local property market knowledge and conducts in-depth research to provide accurate valuations. Factors such as property location, size, condition, and recent sales in the area all contribute to our thorough assessment.

At Matthew Jame Estate Agents, we manage a diverse range of properties in Kenilworth, from charming period homes and modern apartments to commercial properties and land for development. Whatever your property needs, our experienced team is ready to assist you.

Yes, we offer a free, no-obligation property valuation to clients interested in selling or letting their property. In addition, our expert estate agents in Kenilworth will provide an accurate and comprehensive evaluation of your property, helping you make informed decisions about your next steps.

Our team can provide expert advice on showcasing your property in the best possible light. Simple steps such as decluttering, deep cleaning, and addressing minor repairs can significantly attract potential buyers or tenants. We can also recommend professional staging services to enhance your property’s appeal further.

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