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Looking After Your Rental Property!

Looking After Your Rental Property!


You need to keep your rental property in excellent condition to get your deposit back, but you have no idea how to keep it in perfect condition?

You have a list of things you agreed to do in the tenancy agreement that you have no idea how to go about. In this post, you’ll be getting tips on looking after the rental property.

There are a lot of advantages that come with taking care of your rental property. Such as more favourable lease terms or rent negotiations. As well as building good relationships with your landlord.


What Are Your Responsibilities As A Tenant? | Looking After Your Rental Property!


You must take care of your rental property. Performing your duties as a tenant is one of the first steps. You will most likely find a list of these duties in your tenancy agreement.

Some of them will include:

  • Trimming and Maintaining the Garden


Does your rental property have a garden? If the answer is yes, it means that you have a responsibility to take care of it and make sure it doesn’t look unkempt.

  • Maintenance of Appliances In the Property


Some rental properties come fully furnished with appliances. As a tenant, you must make sure all appliances in the house are maintained to a good working standard. This will ensure long-term use and continuous ease for yourself.

  • Light Bulb Changes and Window Cleanings


No light bulb’s going to work forever. Or windows that wouldn’t get dirty. You have a duty to keep the property in good working order and ensure it remains clean throughout.

There may be other duties you must follow depending on your type of rental home. You signed that tenancy agreement, so you have to keep up your end of the bargain.

  • Avoid Flushing Baby Wipes or Pads


This may seem minor or irrelevant. However, it is a basic step towards taking proper care of any property.

Baby wipes and pads cannot disintegrate or break down like toilet rolls. So once you flush them, they eventually cause a blockage of the drains.

This will ultimately lead to plumbing problems in the rental property. So if you have children or females around, this is one thing you should note.

  • Taking Care of Bills


As agreed in your tenancy agreement, there may be many bills you’re required to take care of as they come up. Some of them include utility bills like water, electricity etc.

  • Informing The Landlord Of Bigger Issues


Informing your landlord of any issues he has to resolve immediately. It is a must and will eventually happen even if your property is in good condition.

Not sorting out maintenance issues as they occur can make things worse. Leading to more costs in the long run.

As a tenant, you must notify your landlord of issues immediately. Let your landlord know that you are concerned for their home, and they will appreciate you more.

  • Inform Your Landlord and Neighbours Of Any Large Gatherings


When planning a house party or large gathering, it is always polite to inform your neighbours and landlord.

Some landlords do not like loud parties being thrown at their properties. But, at the same time, some want to be informed before the parties or events.

Make sure you notify your landlord on time. At least this way, any concerns or complaints that arise can be sorted out in advance between you.

Informing your neighbours if you have them is a form of courtesy. No one likes being disturbed or upset.

  • Security


As a tenant, making sure the house is safe and secure at all times is your duty. For example, locking doors and windows properly at night, turning on security cameras.


You must look after your rental property, especially if you want to see your deposit returned in full. If you need any more information regarding rental property, then contact a member of our team today!