Coventry Property Management

Coventry Property Management

Coventry Property Management   Property management is an essential part of the estate agency industry. It involves the overseeing and managing of property, both residential and commercial. Property managers are responsible for various tasks, from finding and screening tenants to handling repairs and maintenance. They must be knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate, from leasing and marketing to financial analysis and property law. In this article, we will talk about Coventry property management.   What Is a Property Manager? Property management… Continue Reading

A Guide To Becoming A Landlord

A guide to becoming a Landlord

A Guide To Becoming A Landlord     It is a simple guide to becoming a landlord in Coventry, and some people want to grow a property portfolio and generate rental income by purchasing their first investment property. Many people fall into becoming accidental Landlords. We receive comments asking us for information on becoming a landlord to help with a buy-to-let mortgage. We have decided to put some information together on becoming a landlord. What are the dos and don'ts… Continue Reading

Five important tips for landlords

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Landlords Letting Guide - Five important tips for landlords   There have been many changes in property rental legislation in recent years. This has resulted in more pressure for landlords to keep up to date with the legal updates. Here Matthew James Letting Agents Coventry has compiled a list of five critical pieces of information that landlords should know. Inform your mortgage provider   The mortgage provider needs to be advised if you are renting your property. The mortgage must… Continue Reading

Landlords Risking Prison Sentence

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Landlords Unaware of Need for Gas Safety Certificate - Landlords Risking Prison Sentence   Research on behalf of Saga shows that a quarter of landlords aged 50 and above do not meet the legal requirement of supplying a gas safety certificate on their rental properties. Failure to have a valid gas safety certificate can result in prosecution, potentially leading to a £6,000 fine or a prison sentence of around six months. What is a landlord's gas safety certificate? A gas… Continue Reading

Letting Agents Tenant Fees Banned


Letting Agents Tenant Fees Banned   Yesterday Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond announced as part of the Autumn Budget 2016 the intention to ban tenant letting agent fees in England. This came as quite a shock especially considering that this was a Labour policy that was part of their manifesto in 2015 for the last general election, and was something that the Conservatives adamantly opposed. Bringing in this policy must surely come as a slap in the face to… Continue Reading