Looking After Your Rental Property!

rental property

You need to keep your rental property in excellent condition to get your deposit back, but you have no idea how to keep it in perfect condition? You have a list of things you agreed to do in the tenancy agreement that you have no idea how to go about. In this post, you'll be getting tips on looking after the rental property. There are a lot of advantages that come with taking care of your rental property. Such as… Continue Reading

Buy to let advice for property in Coventry

Once you have decided on the type of tenants that are your target market. You are now in a position to begin your search for property in the Coventry area. Your search will be strongly dictated by the type of tenants you are looking for. If your target market is students or overseas tenants then you will be searching for properties either in Coventry city centre or at most a ten minute walk from the city centre or the Universities.… Continue Reading

Tailoring your property search for a target market

When looking for a property to purchase for the purpose of buy to let there are many things to take into consideration when choosing a property. Coventry like many major cities has a diversity of people who rent for a number of reasons. They can be roughly broken down into three main groups: • Private Tenants (either local or relocating from UK) • UK Students • Overseas Tenants (Students or on employment contracts) When buying a property to rent in… Continue Reading